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Gourmet Slices | Liver, Venison, Rabbit, Chicken & Cheese, Black Pudding

Gourmet Slices | Liver, Venison, Rabbit, Chicken & Cheese, Black Pudding

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Gourmet Slices


250G Resealable Bag

Ingredients: Chicken 80%, beef liver 5%, sweet potato, minerals
Analytics: Crude Protein 43.4%, Crude Fat 21.9%, Moisture 17.8%, Crude Ash 7.6%, Crude Fibre 9.3%.

Ingredients: Chicken 80%, Pork, Pig's blood 1%, Sweet potato, Minerals
Analytics: Crude protein 42.8%, Crude oils and fats 22.7%, Crude ash 5.9%, Crude fibre 8.8%, Moisture 19.8%

Ingredients: Venison 40%, chicken, sweet potato, minerals
Analytics: Crude Protein 36.2%, Crude Fat 14.5%, Moisture 18.3%, Crude Ash 6.2%, Crude Fibre 24.8%.

Ingredients: Rabbit 40%, chicken, sweet potato, minerals.
Analytics: Crude Protein 26.8%, Crude Fat 14.1%, Moisture 16.2%, Crude Ash 5.9%, Crude Fibre 0.9%.

Ingredients: Chicken 80%, cheese 1%, sweet potato, minerals
Analytics: Crude Protein 48.1%, Crude Fat 21.9%, Moisture 16.1%, Crude Ash 5.8%, Crude Fibre 8.1%

Age Guidelines

4 Weeks & Up.

Storage & Shelf Life

Please Store In A Cool Dry Place, Keeping Contents In It's Original Packaging.

Use Within 6 Months.

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All Orders Are Processed Within 48 Working Hours.

Sent Tracked Using EVRI 2 Day Delivery.

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Gourmet Slices for Dogs

Unlock the secret to a healthier, happier dog with our Ultimate Gourmet Slices. Crafted with all-natural ingredients, each slice is packed full of essential nutrients tailored to keep your dog thriving. Perfect for any occasion, these slices are not just treats but are also packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals.The perfect high value treat option. 

  • All-Natural Ingredients: Free from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, these gourmet slices are made with only the finest, natural ingredients ensuring your dog receives the best.
  • Rich in Proteins: Helps in the repair and growth of muscle and tissues, making it ideal for dogs of all ages and sizes.
  • Enhanced with Vitamins & Minerals: Each slice is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to boost your dog’s immune system and promote overall health.
  • Promotes Healthy Skin & Coat: The omega-rich ingredients ensure a glossy coat and healthy skin, keeping your dog looking as good as they feel.
  • Optimal Health Benefits: Not only tasty but also functional, these slices promote your dog’s overall well-being and long-term health.

Our Gourmet Slices are perfect for dog owners who are looking for the perfect treat to reward and aid their dogs health. Whether used as a high-value reward during training, a tasty snack, or a special treat, these slices fit perfectly into any routine, assisting in keeping your dog motivated and eager to please. Ideal for dogs of all breeds and ages, they provide a nutritious supplement to your dog’s diet, ensuring they're not just satisfied but also receiving health benefits with every bite. Treat your best friend to a slice of health and happiness – because they deserve nothing less!

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